CARRcrete PROmicro Micro Cement Overlay

CARRcrete PROmicro is a trowel applied micro cement overlay that is laid in multiple thin layers averaging 1-2mm per layer. PROmicro comes in two colours as standard grey and white both of which can be tinted with any combination of 30 pigment shades.

A truly unique and bespoke finish is created with CARRcrete PROmicro when combining colours, trowel movements and fine sanding between layers.

PROmicro is a highly flexible product which also boasts higher compressive strengths than others currently on the market.

Proudly manufactured in England.

  • Properties: Flexible, Trowel applied, Fast setting
  • Standard Colour: Grey, White
  • Application thickness: 1 – 2 mm
  • Additional Colours: 30 Pigment colours available
  • Bag size: 25 Kg [base coat] 20 Kg [finish coat]

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