CARRcrete PROflow Self Compacting Cement for Concrete

CARRcrete PROflow is the worlds most advanced bagged cement blend. Designed for ultimate strength and diamond abrasive polishing. CARRcrete PROflow is the perfect casting concrete for worktops, countertops, hearths, steps and concrete furniture. The product is pourable and self compacting using very little water to produce outstanding results from concrete.

Being an advanced blend of specialist cements and finely graded sands, you simply add your chosen aggregate and mix with water to produce an awesome flowing concrete.

CARRcrete PROflow offers increased resistance to cracking, staining and abrasion and is the choice of many concrete casting professionals.

PROflow comes in a standard grey or a white 25 Kg bag that can be mixed with a choice of 30 pigments to create unique looks and textures.

Proudly manufactured in England.

  • Properties: Pourable, Self Compacting, Fibre reinforced
  • Standard Colours: Grey, White
  • Additional Colours: 30 Pigment colours available
  • Application thickness: 30 – 150mm
  • Bag size: 25 Kg

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