CARRcrete PRObase pourable self levelling compound

CARRcrete PRObase is a highly advanced self levelling compound for applying over existing floor substrates which are then to be covered by concrete overlays, micro cement toppings, tiles or wooden flooring.

CARRcrete PRObase offers a higher compressive and tensile strength over other levelling products, fibre reinforced, highly flowable and rapid hardening.

CARRcrete PRObase comes in standard grey and also in white for covering with colour sensitive surfaces such as light colour toppings, white natural stone floors etc.

Proudly manufactured in the UK.

  • Properties: Pourable, Self Compacting, Flexible, Fibre reinforced
  • Standard Colour: Grey, White
  • Application thickness: 5 – 50mm
  • Bag size: 25 Kg

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