CARRcrete Polished Concrete Floors

We try to cater for all types of client with premium high end finishes like the CARRcrete InfinityFloor system or our CARRcrete ECOfloor a more economical grind and seal finish.

InfinityFloor offers an unrivalled finish quality, gloss and clarity on new and existing concrete floors and pourable overlays like our CARRcrete PROtop. InfinityFloor boasts a range of styles from full exposed aggregate in Stone, large sand and stones in Salt:Pepper finish to soft power floated tones from Cream.

All of these variants can be produced using either a quality ready mix concrete or one of our premium concrete overlays such as CARRcrete PROtop or PROtop Loft.

The ECOfloor standard offers two styles with stone and Salt:Pepper variants. ECOfloor consists of a coarse grind to help flatten out the floor, smooth the substrate and expose stone, followed by transition tools to remove the coarsest tool marks. The surface is then sealed with our advanced concrete guard products to add shine and protection to the newly ground finish.

ECOfloor is a cost effective alternative to our premium InfinityFloor finish and technically not classed as a polished concrete floor but a grind and seal floor as no diamond polishing takes please; which in turn reduces costs and project turnaround.

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