CARRcrete InfinityFloor Concept

CARRcrete InfinityFloor is the UK’s premium polishing process using machinery, diamond tooling and chemicals designed, manufactured and/or assembled in the UK by CARRcrete Polished Concrete and an alternative to HTC Superfloor, Husqvarna Hiperfloor, Klindex SuperConcrete. Is a polished concrete floor expensive?

The InfinityFloor grinding and polishing process transforms tired worn floors and newly laid floors into hard wearing, spectacular low maintenance floor surfaces that offer years of service. Find out the truth behind cheap polished concrete offered by our competitors.

We fully believe our CARRcrete InfinityFloor process is of a higher standard than the competition and we are more than happy to prove this with a side by side comparison.

InfinityFloor Cream Polished Concrete Floor
InfinityFloor Cream Polished Concrete Floor

InfinityFloor Cream

A cream finish consists of only polishing stages, no grinding is undertaken. The result is a classy almost tie dyed look to the surface which has no stones visible. How do you get a contemporary no stone concrete floor?

InfinityFloor Cream Home
InfinityFloor Cream using a PROtop Loft overlay
InfinityFloor Cream using regular concrete

InfinityFloor Salt-Pepper Polished Concrete Floor
InfinityFloor Salt-Pepper Polished Concrete Floor

InfinityFloor Stone

This is our most popular finish, consisting of the most mechanical grinding and polishing stages. We grind back 2-3mm off the soft concrete surface to reveal large aggregates and the hard concrete beneath, then polish up through finer stages of diamond abrasives.

InfinityFloor Stone Home
InfinityFloor Stone using a PROtop Overlay
InfinityFloor Stone using regular concrete

InfinityFloor Stone Polished Concrete Floor
InfinityFloor Stone Polished Concrete Floor

InfinityFloor Salt/Pepper

A salt and pepper look is created by removing only 1mm of concrete surface to show small stones just a few millimetres in diameter.

Read more about InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper

InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper Home
InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper using a PROtop overlay
InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper using regular concrete

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Concrete Polishing Concept

All CARRcrete InfinityFloor finishes can be achieved using either professionally laid ready mixed concrete or with an overlay of CARRcrete PROtop. Our InfinityFloor polishing process has been used for Grand Designs projects, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Aerospace factories, large warehouses and heaps of residential floors.

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  • Hi,
    We would like polished concrete in our downstairs hall, dining room and cloakroom. There is approx 24 m sq to cover.
    Do you have any more pictures of the glossy cream flooring as your website doesn’t do it justice. Or perhaps do you do a light grey gloss?
    Approx how much would it be for us to have our floors done?

    • Hello Sara. We do have a few photographs on our portfolio of the High Gloss cream, or if it helps there is a recent video posted on our you tube channel. It is usually very difficult to specify a shade of grey when having a concrete slab poured. For a quotation, please fill in the form on our quotations page, thank you

  • We would like to create a polished concrete hearth in our lounge, how thick would this have to be and any other tips for a DIY family?

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