CARRcrete ECOfloor Concrete Floors – Economical Concrete Flooring

CARRcrete ECOfloor concrete floors are an alternative to our InfinityFloor premium finish range. By reducing the diamond abrasive refinement stages used within the process we have managed to produce a cost effective yet still very visually appealing alternative to polished concrete floors.

The CARRcrete ECOfloor system can be used on new and existing concrete floors of all sizes to smooth out the surface and expose aggregates, these can then be optionally sealed with our advanced range of protective guard sealers which add shine, enrich colours and help resist stains and contamination.

If you would like to know more about our economical grind system please contact Simone and she will be more than happy to talk you through CARRcrete ECOfloor.

ECOfloor is technically not a polished concrete floor as it contains none of the advanced diamond abrasive polishing stages used in InfinityFloor; only the initial processing of the floor to smooth out the surface. CARRcrete ECOfloor can be produced in a matt or shiny finish for cream, salt & pepper and stone looks.

So what it included in the ECOfloor system?

CARRcrete ECOfloor is designed to be an economical finish for concrete floors. So the whole process has been stripped down and streamlined from the InfinityFloor system and will consist of the required steps to smooth out the surface with metal grinding tools (stone and salt&pepper finishes). This step is further smoothed out using honing tools to remove surface scratches. The surface is then hardened with our concrete densifier which internally seals and hardens the concrete. The default finish is matt, an optional topical guard sealer can be applied to the surface if you require a more glossy finish.