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CARRcrete PROtop Polished Concrete Overlay
CARRcrete PROtop Polished Concrete Overlay

Why should you choose CARRcrete PROtop Micro Topping Concrete?

CARRcrete designer concrete overlay products are unique within our industry and are developed through years of experience of polishing floors. By using our unique CARRcrete PROtop Micro Topping Concrete we are able to sidestep many of the problems associated with standard ready mix concretes which are of a much lower quality than our products.

Put plainly, concrete toppings made with CARRcrete PROtop Micro Topping Concrete is by far the highest quality concrete available, no cheap fillers, binders or waste products, just premium grade ingredients. The most advanced concrete on the planet!

Advantages over standard ready mix concrete

  • Colourable
  • Choice of aggregates (if desired)
  • Can be laid over existing solid floors or CARRcrete PROscreed
  • 5-15mm thick dependant on look required
  • Can be laid over heated floors
  • Less porous
  • Greater abrasion resistance
  • Greater chemical resistance
  • Greater tensile strengh
  • Greater compressive strengh
  • Higher gloss and clarity

Here are our two standard CARRcrete products

CARRcrete designer overlay InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper

  • Applied over an existing floor (concrete, PROscreed)
  • Suitable for use over heated screeds/concretes
  • 5-15mm thick
  • No large stones visible, just 0.5-1.5mm sands
  • Colourable using PROcolour pigments
  • Matt, satin or gloss diamond finishes
  • Very hard and durable surface

CARRcrete designer overlay InfinityFloor Stone

  • Applied over an existing floor (concrete, screed)
  • Suitable for use over heated screeds/concretes
  • 10-15mm thick dependant on size of stones
  • Choice of stones, stone visible
  • Colourable using PROcolour pigments
  • Matt, satin or gloss diamond finishes
  • Very hard and durable surface

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  • Hi there

    Currently working on a commercial project in Newcastle city centre. And think your work in jamies at the bar area looks great.

    Is there any chance of some rough prices or maybe a site visit. The area is only 1500 square feet.

    many thanks


  • Do you only supply and fit? After supply only??

  • Hi I am in the final stages of a new build and looking for a polished screed floor 75mm thick over underfloor heating pipes which will be laid on insulation which product would you recommend to use


    • Hi Ken,

      Our PROflow cement mixed with sharp sand and aggregates would be ideal for this. PROflow products a pourable self compacting concrete with very low shrinkage, high resistance to cracking and is fibre enhanced for extreme strength. Polishes beautiful with diamond abrasives. You would still need reinforcing mesh installed over your underfloor heating and applicable movement joints and perimeter joints.

  • Hello

    After specifying a polished concrete floor, our contractor poured screed over underfloor heating at 75mm. It was left to dry for three weeks and now they have started grinding but the concrete is becoming brittle and patchy. To be honest I don’t think they know what they are doing and concerned that as it was hand mixed, the quality is poor and not bonding properly. Would you suggest using one of your overlay products? Would this still need to go through the same grinding/polishing method. I have left a couple of messages at your office.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Ann,

      Apologies for the delay in replying we have been in Rome providing training. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to polish a standard screed as it’s too weak and simply falls apart. You should be able to apply one of our toppings over but this depends on how weak your screed is. Hand mixing isn’t a problem if done correctly. It would still need to go through the diamond polishing stage.

  • I would like my hallway and lounge doing with polished concrete, how can i get a quote pls?

  • hello would you make a visit to Worcestershire to explain your products further and give a quotation at same time- we have screed floors under carpet which we are removing and I like the idea of normal tiling or seamless polished concrete or polished tiles- – I am looking at other companies also- do you do the tiles aswell- the screed needs levelling we know and some cracks repaired etc we were going to then seal the floor making it dust free and live with that until we decide which route we take-ie normal tiles or polished concrete as we can’t live with the old carpets any longer, we also know there is an issue of depth etc- and realise we would have to then dig down all of the floors again to allow for underfloor heating funds allowing (!) before any concrete floors could be put down or all our thresholds would be out of sync – really would like someone to pay an onsite visit to view and discuss all would you do that please?

  • Hi I have currently have a tiled floor in my large kitchen and hall can concrete be poured over existing tiles as I have had a new kitchen put in and don’t want my cabinets damaged , also what sort of costs are involved

  • thank you, I need asked you we can use densify (lithium silicate) only or both of densify and sealer.

    • Hi Salah,

      Densifier does create a bit of seal in the concrete (you need very little with our carrcrete products) but I wouldn’t rely on this as you sole sealer, you will need either a topical or impregnating sealer to work in conjunction with the densifier. Our carrcrete is far less porous than standard concrete.

  • thanks much for replying, please , I have structural slab as per shop drawing say anti slip polished concrete floor finish we can put screed(different types of aggregate ) on structural slab and polished it which the thickness of screed and types.

  • With the nostone overlay do you still need to use a densifier?

  • I should like one of your concrete floors in the kitchen of a small house I am restoring and enlarging in central Oxford.How may I contact you to discuss as soon asossible?

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