Can You Polish A Screed Floor?

CARRcrete PROtop Over Lafarge Agilia Screed
CARRcrete PROtop Over Lafarge Agilia Screed

We recently received the question below from Rebecca about polishing a screed floor surface.


Can you please help?

We just laying our underfloor heating pipes in our extension, and need the screed to pour over it once the pipes are done. Can we polish the screed or is there something we need to do on top of the screed before we can have the polished concrete?

We also thinking of using renovation screed on the over floor panels systems in the existing house? Can we polish the renovation screed and have it as a finished floor?

Kind regards,

Hi Rebecca,

A standard screed (sand:cement or anhydrite) is too weak to diamond polish as they contain very little binder and mostly coarse sands which fall out during the polishing process.

We would recommend applying our CARRcrete PROtop to a thickness of 10mm over a fully cured screed, allowing approximately 1 day of drying per 1 mm thickness; always conduct a moisture test to ensure a RH reading of <75%.CARRcrete PROtop is ideal for covering new and existing screeds, including heated screeds with water fed underfloor heating. Highly flexible, heat efficient and colourable for maximum design options.

CARRcrete PROtop made in the UK using a unique blend of hydraulic binders and graded quartz sands for diamond grinding and polishing.