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InfinityFloor Cream - Polished Concrete Flooring

Why Choose Our Concrete Polishing Services?

For years CARRcrete concrete polisher have been at the forefront of diamond abrasive and protective sealer technology. We use this in-depth knowledge to work on new and existing concrete that are beautiful, industrial looking and highly durable and stain resistant.

Our new resin based densifier and sealers for polished concrete offer superior resistance to oil, water and chemicals to our competitors. 

We are also the friendly and helpful choice for new and existing concrete floor grinding and the polishing process. Architects, Tv shows and high end clients choose us to help bring their polishing concrete flooring projects to life.

Our small family run company are experts in polishing concrete floors for residential, commercial and industrial premises where we work closely with your architects and builders. We understand concrete grinding inside and out; literally years of floor polishing experience.

CARRcrete are also expert microcement applicators for residential projects such as kitchen floors, bathrooms and featurre walls where we use microcement products that we have developed and manufacture in house in Nottinghamshire.

Microcement Overlays

For over five years we have manufactured our own microcement overlays using innovations developed inhouse.

MicroFloor microcement
MicroFloor microcement
MicroFloor microcement
MicroFloor microcement
MicroFloor microcement
MicroFloor microcement

For over five years we have manufactured our own microcement overlays using innovations developed inhouse.

Over a hundred completed projects with this unique 3mm thick application, microcement is most commonly used as an alternative to standard polished concrete or concrete polishing.

Our MicroFloor microcement is tougher than the competition, looks amazing, looks like a concrete floor and proudly made here in Nottinghamshire.

Polished Concrete

We were one of the first to bring polished concrete to residential sized projects and over the years have created our own system; InfinityFloor for results second to none.

InfinityFloor Cream
InfinityFloor Cream
InfinityFloor Stone
InfinityFloor Stone
InfinityFloor Salt Pepper
InfinityFloor Salt Pepper

We are specialists in residential polished concrete for new build homes and refurbishment projects, for when you need concrete polished by time served professionals. We work on all sizes of project from small rooms, through to projects in excess of 100’s of square metres.

How much experience as concrete polishers do we have? We were one of the first to bring polished concrete to residential sized projects and over the years have created our own system; InfinityFloor for our polishing service.

As a result InfinityFloor has become one of the most popular polished concrete flooring systems in the UK.

As expert concrete polishers we offer a nationwide service and have done for years.

Our Concrete Polishing Portfolio

Here are just a few of the polished concrete flooring and micro cement overlay projects we have worked on through the years.

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Project Consultancy

Thinking of concrete polishing but don’t know where to start? Or had work done which isn’t to the highest standard?

We can help with our concrete surface consultancy service.

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Surface Preparation

We’ve spent years working within commercial and industrial workspaces preparing an existing floor for new paint and epoxy resin.

Trusted by many blue chip companies for surface preparation.

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Re-Working Of Projects

Sometimes concrete polishing projects just don’t go well for a variety of reasons, we have a lot of experience turning projects around to achieve a great looking polished concrete floor.

We have a lot of experience improving the work of other contractors.

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Overlay Floors

We have now completed a large amount of flooring projects with our MicroFloor system, an overlay system designed to look similar to a polished concrete floor.

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Microcement Walls

Our vertical overlay system MicroWall, is the perfect companion to MicroFloor, looks like polished concrete just on a vertical plane.

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Micro Terrazzo

Looking for something truly unique? Then we have our own Terrazzo system. The aggregate used is to create a visually more exciting type of polished concrete.

Current Availability

Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, demand for our polished floors has exploded, so much so that we have had to take down our phone number just to help us manage the amount of enquiries we receive, to polish concrete and overlay systems.

So please bear with us during this busy time and do submit an enquiry we will be more than happy to provide you with an indication of polished floor cost.

We have a highly talented team lead by Dave Carr who are onsite each day, working on residential, commercial and industrial concrete grinding projects. Each team member is an experienced concrete polished fully trained with our InfinityFloor floor polishers, diamond polishing tools, concrete sealers and of course cleaning and maintenance of any new or existing concrete floors.

Interest in our services since lockdown was eased is increasing hugely in Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham,  Oakham Rutland and Stamford.

InfinityFloor System In Brief

As mentioned earlier, CARRcrete have a huge amount of technical knowledge and arguably even more onsite knowledge with hundreds of concrete polishing projects under our belt, many of which are over underfloor heating systems. Always high durability, hard wearing, high standard floor polishing.

We have three InfinityFloor finishes available: InfinityFloor Cream | InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper | InfinityFloor Stone all are suitable for use over underfloor heating.

This has allowed us to streamline our diamond grinding and polishing process down to only the most optimal tool and chemical selections, specialist diamond tools for the final polish for producing highly aesthetic polished concrete floors on well laid poured concrete surfaces.

In essence, we do not follow the crowd. We innovate and develop new abrasives, densifiers and sealers to achieve our finished product; a highly functional and usable polished concrete floor. Concrete polishing is suitable for all environments; residential properties, retail spaces and industrial applications.