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Polished Concrete created by CARRcrete are a wonder to behold, and many of our clients consider them somewhat of a work of art. With our extensive background in the industry and vast professional knowledge, we’ve mastered the process of turning roughly-laid concrete slabs into smooth, tactile and visually stunning floors that people love.


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Not only are they stylish and attractive, but our floors are also some of the most durable and reliable solutions for a plethora of different locations and applications. Our team jokes that they’ve forgotten more about polished concrete floors than our competitors ever bothered to learn. Maybe that’s why so many of our customers return time and time again? It’s either that or our hardworking ethos and dedication to customer service.


One of the best things about choosing a polished concrete is that the finished product is hard-wearing and slip-resistant. That makes them perfect for warehouses, factories, hospitals, and many other working environments. Unlike other flooring solutions on the market, clients won’t have to pay for a replacement during the next few years.


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CARRcrete Are The Friendly, Family Run Company

Our experts work hard to ensure the floors we provide are the most long-lasting creations on the market today. Still not sure? Why not ask to see some of our reviews and testimonials. Our previous clients are always impressed by the results we manage to create, and many of them return to us on multiple occasions.


Our floors offer first-class abrasion resistance, and we always give customers the lowdown on the best cleaning methods to ensure the product remains in the best condition possible. Some people even choose our floors for residential environments. If you choose to combine one of our creations with a modern underfloor heating solution, it’s possible that you could create a warm and comfortable environment for your family. Maybe you could use the flooring in your kitchen or a downstairs bathroom?


At CARRcrete today, we use an innovative system designed by our team after years of experience polishing thousands of square metres of polished concrete flooring. Our InfinityFloor system is a premium process for mechanically polishing the surface of the concrete with diamond abrasives which perminentely scratch the surface to produce different levels of aggregate.


We then smooth them down to deliver a refined and polished surface that can be either matt, satin or gloss in appearance. So, our workers can create something perfect for you, regardless of your situations or requirements. You just need to get in touch to start the ball rolling as soon as possible.


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CARRcrete InfinityFloor Offers Greater Potential

Carrcrete InfinityFloor Cream
The InfinityFloor system currently offers our customers and clients three awesome finishes. They include Cream, Salt & Pepper, and Stone. The cream is the smooth cloud-like floor that shows the swirls created by our power trowel. That is a very popular finish, and if you want to learn more, just contact a member of our team for information. Learn how to get the InfinityFloor Cream Finish


Salt & Pepper is an industrial-looking polished concrete floor finish where the concrete is gently ground to reveal the sand and fines stone. Stone is almost terrazzo-like in appearance where the surface is heavily ground to expose the aggregates. No matter what circumstances you face and which goals you need to achieve, CARRcrete is the only supplier and specialist in the UK you ever need to call.

Benefits of polished concrete

There are many benefits our clients encounter when selecting a polished concrete flooring solution. Those advantages will alter based on the nature of the area in which the floor is laid. For instance, those using the option in homes and other residential settings can expect:

  • Cost savings – Polished concrete flooring is much cheaper than many of the alternative solutions available on the market today. When you consider that it could last around five or more times longer than the average carpet or laminate, it becomes clear that we offer the best deal on the market today.
  • Longer life – Polished floors will not require regular replacements as they’re durable and always stand the test of time. Most people replace their carpets every three or four years because they become stained or damaged. That is not something you will ever have to stress about if you choose our polished concrete solutions.
  • Easy to clean – There is no need to worry about dust, dirt, or grime because you can wipe it away with ease when you select a polished concrete flooring solution. Our team will provide you with maintenance information when they complete your floor. We’ll cover the entire area with a protective seal, and in most instances; you’ll just need to invest in a mop.
  • Lots of different finishes – As mentioned only a moment ago, we like to provide our customers and clients with lots of choices. That is why our polished concrete floors come in three different finishes right now. If you have any special requests or requirements, our team is always around to answer the phones and have a discussion. Let us know any ideas you have, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate them.

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Concrete Flooring For Commercial And Retail Applications

Carrcrete IndustrialFloor Premium

Anyone who plans to use one of our polished concrete floors in a commercial or retail setting can expect:

  • Cost savings – Again, our polished concrete flooring will never cost as much as some of the other options on the table.
  • More resistant to foot traffic – Business owners and retailers need something strong and stable underfoot that won’t become damaged as thousands of people walk on the surface. Our polished concrete floors are perfect because your customers won’t create dents or damage as they move through your store.
  • Less maintenance – Just think how long it might take for someone to vacuum a carpet covering the entire of your retail store or warehouse. It would take a week, and they’d need to start again straight away. Our polished concrete floors are easy to maintain, and you just need to give them a buff from time to time.
  • Resistance to moisture – In commercial environments, moisture can become an issue. That is especially the case if you have lots of customers who walk into your store after traipsing through snow and other adverse weather conditions. Polished concrete is resistant to those wet feet.
  • High reflectivity – When you select a flooring solution for your premises, style is often just as important as functionality. We understand that, and that’s why our polished concrete solutions provide high reflexivity. The flooring should help to reflect the light from your ceiling to ensure the space always looks as bright and attractive as possible.
  • No hazardous coatings – Lots of people who own factories and warehouses worry about using flooring solutions that contain dangerous materials or coatings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that some chemicals could cause issues in instances of fire or flood. Polished concrete is nothing more than rough slabs made smooth using our specialist techniques. So, our clients never have to worry about dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals.

Applications for polished concrete

Carrcrete InfinityFloor Salt Pepper 1
Carrcrete InfinityFloor Salt Pepper

Our polished concrete floors are ideal for many different applications and environments. We’re always on the lookout for new areas in which our floors could come in handy, and so we welcome inquiries from places not mentioned on this list. However, in most instances, customers and clients select polished concrete for:

  • Warehouses – Polished concrete can handle a lot of weight without becoming damaged. That makes it perfect for warehouses and factories.
  • Retail stores – Adding a polished concrete floor to a retail store is a brilliant idea because it’s easy to clean as mentioned before.
  • Hotels – Many hotels choose polished concrete floors for their lobbies and entrance halls. It helps to make the environment appear clean and tidy. Also, those suitcase wheels won’t cause damage.
  • Restaurants – Restaurant owners choose polished concrete because it’s easy to keep the area sterile, and those dining chairs aren’t going to rip or dent anything.
  • Office buildings – When you have 100 people swivelling around on their chairs; you need a flooring solution much stronger than carpet. Polished concrete is a top choice because it will last many years, even with those chair swivellers doing their worst.
  • Car showrooms – Car dealers know that a shiny concrete floor is the best way to showcase their latest luxury models.
  • Private homes – Use polished concrete in kitchens, entrance halls, downstairs bathrooms, and garages.

Our Customers Love CARRcrete InfinityFloor Finishes

Carrcrete InfinityFloor Stone
Carrcrete InfinityFloor Stone

“Dave is a complete professional who exudes enthusiasm for his product. He completed the works laying and working the product with care and precision. We are highly satisfied with our floor, and it fits perfectly with the look style we were after. It is hard wearing and easy to maintain. We love it. Thanks, Dave and Simone.”
Frank and Jules Mitchell

Some people have concerns when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their polished concrete floor. That worry is unfounded, and there is no need to stress. Keeping your floor looking brand new is much easier than most people imagine, and you won’t require any special tools to create the best results.


On top of that, you have to remember that we help protect all of our floors with a premium stain resistor which reduces chances damage and staining to a minimum. If you want to make sure the floor shines at all times; you just have to sweep it to remove dust and dirt, then mop the floor to make it glimmer. The process is straightforward, and those in commercial premises won’t have to retrain their cleaning staff.


Here’s another testimonial for you:

“Great service from CARRcrete via phone. Unfortunately, our concrete hadn’t been laid exactly to specification, so there were a few hiccups! Also, there were too many miles between us for CARRcrete guys to pop round and review the situation!! But the floor was polished to a high standard, and we love it!”
Sue Bickerton

Dave CARR Is A Consumate Professional

Dave Carr and his on-site team of polishing professionals are highly-skilled and knowledgeable in all things related to concrete. Indeed, some might even say these guys live for concrete. For example, Dave is the inventor of all of our highly-advanced concrete overlay products such as the high-strength, rapid hardening grouts, patch fillers, and the range of PROtop and PROtop Loft toppings which are the most advanced and most environmentally-friendly micro-concrete overlay products currently available.


Backing Dave up is Simone Murrin. She’s our contracts manager. She has a wealth of knowledge within the concrete industry and is the direct liaison for all our clients. Simone’s small team prepares all of the estimates, quotes and contracts to ensure projects run as smoothly as humanly possible.


Many customers claim they deal with newbies and cowboys when they contact other firms. We’ve had a couple of clients let us know how a rival company performed a terrible job and left them with a floor that wasn’t fit for purpose. We guarantee that will never happen when you choose CARRcrete as your polished concrete flooring specialist. Our attention to detail and work ethic is second to none, and you can always take a look at the portfolio we publish on this website if you want to see some of our finished jobs.


It contains just a small selection of some of the hundreds of concrete floors we’ve polished during the last few years. Again, if you want to see more, or you have any questions or concerns; you just need to get in touch. All our contact details are available via this site.


Click over to our “contact” page right now and start the ball rolling on your new polished concrete floor today. Our team will ask the right questions and ensure we gather all the correct information to provide a quote and set the wheels in motion. We can also let you know about the soonest time we’re available to complete the floor, and how long the job will take.


If you want to save some time, be sure to take some measurements of your space before picking up the phone. Don’t worry if you’re unsure as to how to do that as we can offer some tips or send a representative as part of our services for large projects.

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