Example of a polished concrete floor
Example of a polished concrete floor

Polished Concrete Floors

With all the years of polishing experience we have under our belt, it was an obvious decision to create our own polishing system; InfinityFloor.

As a result InfinityFloor has become one of the most popular polishing systems in the UK.

See what finishes we have available and how CARRcrete can bring your flooring to life.

A concrete overlay applied by CARRcrete
A concrete overlay floor applied by CARRcrete

Micro Concrete Overlays

For over five years we have manufactured our own cementitious overlays using innovations developed inhouse.

Over a hundred completed projects with this unique 3mm thick application.

It’s tougher than the competition, looks amazing and proudly made here in Nottinghamshire.

From Our Portfolio

Here are just a few of the polished concrete and micro cement overlay projects we have worked on through the years.

CARRcrete also an online store
CARRcrete also an online store

Our Online Store

For the last few years we have operated a highly successful online store for tools, chemicals and accessories for polished concrete.

We sell diamond tools, concrete densifier sealers, grout etc direct at trade prices.

CARRcrete offer a consultancy service for polished concrete

Project Consultancy

Thinking of polished concrete but don’t know where to start? Or had work done which isn’t to the highest standard?

We can help with our consultancy service.

Floor preparation services by CARRcrete

Surface Preparation

We’ve spent years working within commercial and industrial workspaces preparing floors for new paint and epoxy resin.

Trusted by many blue chip companies.

Deep scratches in a concrete floor

Re-Working Of Projects

Sometimes concrete polishing projects just don’t go well for a variety of reasons.

We have a lot of experience improving the work of other contractors.

Our Articles

The team at CARRcrete have put together a selection of helpful articles and guides on the different aspects of polished concrete.

A micro cement floor overlay by CARRcrete

Overlay Floors

We have now completed a large amount of flooring projects with our MicroFloor system.

A black microcement wall by CARRcrete

Microcement Walls

Our vertical overlay system MicroWall, is the perfect companion to MicroFloor.

Micro Terrazzo overlay by CARRcrete close up detail

Micro Terrazzo

Looking for something truly unique? Then we have our own Terrazzo system.

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CARRcrete Overlays

CARRcrete Overlays

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