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We’re dropping Fein polishers and moving to Metabo Polishers

After suffering numerous failures with our range of Fein variable speed hand polishing tools, we’ve made the decision to move to Metabo. Why? From what we have seen so far, Metabo offer a better build quality, lovely smooth gearing for getting the best from our diamond abrasives and they are considerably less expensive than the comparative Fein.

So from now one, when we are seen edging floors or hand polishing concrete, it will be with a Metabo polisher.

Polished Concrete Floor Nottingham

Here we have a polished concrete floor in an extension to a home in Nottingham. The concrete was full of tamp marks throughout which made for a tiger stripe effect across which looked very effective. Admittedly the concrete mix was very soft which reduced the clarity of the reflection, ideally we like to work with a much harder mix. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Nottingham