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Free Polished Concrete Test Patches

For our larger projects, we offer a free polished concrete test patch to give an indication of what is possible using our bespoke machinery and diamond abrasives. We often undertake mock-ups and test patches for projects to ensure the concrete is suitable for polishing, the required finish can be achieved and to prove our teams capabilities. Continue reading Free Polished Concrete Test Patches

New Diamond Tooling For Polishing Concrete Floors

We are proud to say our latest range of diamond tooling for polished concrete floors just passed our quality testing phase and will start rolling out for all future projects.

The new diamond tooling specifically designed for our bespoke grinding and polishing machinery, increases productivity, improves clarity and reflectivity of the polished concrete surface. There’s no additional costs to the client, so it is a win all round.

Within the next few weeks you’ll see what our titanium segments can do 😉

Polished Concrete Floor Nottingham

This was a unique little polished concrete flooring project in Nottingham. The homeowner had laid Yorkstone slabs around the perimeter of the room as a feature and back filled with a strong concrete mix and added extra granite chipping and flint in a terrazzo type fashion. You’ll notice drop outs visible when the flint is scalloped and not reflecting light. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Nottingham