Microcement Floor Yorkshire

Microcement Floor Yorkshire

We recently completed this microcement floor in Yorkshire using our CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlay product, which we formulated and manufactured in the UK. As you will see from the photographs microcement floors using PROtop Loft look absolutely stunning. The subtle shadows and swirls created by the application of multiple thin coats generate a unique feature floor. This floor was created to look like one of our InfinityFloor Cream finish.

The concrete overlay was applied to an existing concrete substrate which was unsuitable for polishing and needed to be covered. We supplied sample boards to the end client with different colour ideas, then upon confirmation began mixing the bespoke colour tones ready for application.

The microcement overlay is built up with multiple trowel applied coats over a number of days, sanding between each coat helps create the inherent textures seen in the finished floor.

CARRcrete PROtop Loft boasts impressive environmentally friendly credentials as it uses a special cement binder that reduces CO2 during production and includes recycled media opposed to sand. Suitable over existing floors and over underfloor heating, PROtop Loft is a truly versatile concrete overlay product.

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