Microcement Floor Yorkshire

We recently completed this microcement floor in Yorkshire using our CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlay product, which we formulated and manufactured in the UK. As you will see from the photographs microcement floors using PROtop Loft look absolutely stunning. The subtle shadows and swirls created by the application of multiple thin coats generate a unique feature floor. This floor was created to look like one of our InfinityFloor Cream finish. Continue reading Microcement Floor Yorkshire

Micro Cement London

Micro Cement London as a CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream floor was created using our own trowelled micro cement overlay floor called CARRcrete PROtop Loft. This micro cement floor London was designed to look like a subtle powerfloated concrete floor, with low levels of variegation and as little sheen as possible. Continue reading Micro Cement London

Polished Concrete Floor Lincoln

With great clients, good power, access and being relatively local this was a nice polished concrete floor project to work on in Lincoln. The concrete substrate had been laid and power trowelled a few months earlier and left to cure. Overall the installation of the concrete was pretty well done, although it did look as though too much time was spent floating the surface which in turn sent the aggregate lower down into the slab. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Lincoln

Polished Concrete Floor London

This is how not to lay a concrete floor for diamond polishing. We recently undertook this project in London where a builder had laid a concrete floor supposedly in line with our strict specification; unfortunately this was not the case. As you can see from the photographs, this concrete floor in London was very poorly installed and required an excessive amount of remedial work (additional grinding, coarse filler, fine filler, hand edging) Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor London

Polished Concrete Floor Anglesey Wales

Polished cream concrete floors are all the rage at the moment, and our CARRcrete InfinityFloor standard really does make these characterful floors pop with clarity by gentle smoothing out the surface by abrading away microns of material. The downside to this gentle technique is that these creamy concrete floors need to be expertly laid to ensure the surface is flat, smooth and homogenous. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Anglesey Wales

Polished Concrete Floor Stroud Cotswolds

We were recently called in to rework one of our competitors concrete floors as the client was dissatisfied with the finish and service they received. At the initial site survey we found our competitors finish to be poorly polished and full (read covered) in bug holes that had been left unfilled. Although the floor was left at a HTC Superfloor Platinum finish, it was very obvious we could offer a far superior finish in InfinityFloor Matt Stone. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Stroud Cotswolds

Polished Concrete Floor Oxfordshire

This Oxfordshire concrete floor was recently laid by two brothers with only one previous floor under their belt, by following the InfinityFloor specification their own planning, skill and determination they laid a brilliant floor to polish. Nice and flat, smooth with just the right amount of power float to bring the mix together. They naturally left edges which would be later covered with kitchen units and appliances. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Oxfordshire

Polished Concrete Floor Sidcup Kent

This floor was originally booked in for an InfinityFloor Gloss Cream finish but unfortunately the concrete contractors failed to adhere to the supplied specification. As an alternative, the customer opted for a gentle grind and polish to our InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper standard which removes 1mm of surface material expose smaller stones and larger sand particels to create a gentle texture. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Sidcup Kent

Warehouse Polished Concrete Floor In Derby

Warehouse Polished Concrete Floor Derby. With a fleet of highly effective diamond polishing machines we are able to tackle any size of concrete floor polishing contract. Here is a small section of a warehouse in Derby that required a high gloss, attractive and hygienic finish which we created rapidly out of hours by abrading the surface with diamond abrasives manufactured by ourselves in the UK. Continue reading Warehouse Polished Concrete Floor In Derby

Concrete Factory Floor Surface Preparation Leicester

A recent surface preparation contract ready for a new painted floor. This factory floor in Leicester had years of built up paint and resin layers (Over 10mm thick) that had proven too much for competitors to remove effectively; all hope was thought to be lost until we proposed a solution using our aggressive machinery and diamond tooling to rip away the old coatings. Continue reading Concrete Factory Floor Surface Preparation Leicester

Polished Concrete Floor Flitwick Bedfordshire

Here we have ground and polished a whole floor plan in a bungalow to create a smooth, easy to maintain and classy looking floor. Polished concrete floors when correctly processed improve with age, our unique densifiers harden and seal the concrete slab from the inside out to create a non-porous, rock hard surface. We further enhance this level of protection with our penetrating sealer to cross link three different types of sealer. Continue reading Polished Concrete Floor Flitwick Bedfordshire

Polished Concrete Commerical Floor Beeston Nottingham

A small commercial floor in an art studio Beeston Nottingham. A massive improvement over the slab we inherited which was poorly laid and finished.

We ground away the surface laitence to expose the strong paste of the concrete and began removing the tooling scratches until a glass smooth finish was developed. The polished concrete slab was then fully sealed with our unique penetrating sealer. Continue reading Polished Concrete Commerical Floor Beeston Nottingham