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Our friendly and professional family business provides the following services. You can request a quotation here

Diamond polishing of concrete floors

  • Grinding and polishing of new and existing floors using diamond abrasives, chemical hardeners and sealers to produce a hard wearing an unique floor surface

Installation of microcement and micro overlays

  • If you have an existing concrete slab, floor screed or tile surface we can install a new concrete overlay to this and provide a completely new finish

Surface preparation of concrete floors

  • Our machinery removes paint, resin, tile adhesives and anhydrite laitence

20 thoughts on “Our Services”

  1. hi

    I am doing a kitchen extension and want a polished concrete floor. Do you have finish / colour samples, can I arrange a quotation?

    Many thanks

  2. I’m investigating options for re-painting industrial / factory floor. Area is used for welding / fabrication and assembly work. Vehicles / cranes use floor with regular forklift use. We regularly paint the floor as coloured areas de-mark walkways etc. Is a polished concrete floor an option and can it be coloured?

    1. Hi there,

      Polished concrete is definitely an option, it can be coloured but the colours aren’t as vivid as paint. It is a more robust and longer lasting option to paint.

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