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Ask Us Questions About Polished Concrete Floors

Please feel free to ask us questions about polished concrete flooring in the comment box below. As soon as we receive your question we’ll try out best to give you clear and impartial advice about polishing concrete, it doesn’t even need to be about polished concrete floors. Please, ask away!

Frequently asked questions relating to polished concrete
How do I get polished concrete flooring?

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  1. Hello. I saw your comments on Tilersforum, esp about your diamond pads. I’m having a go at creating a concrete woodburner hearth – my first pre-cast concrete item. I’ve got a wet polisher (115mm). Which diamond pads would you recommend/have for this? Many thanks David.

  2. Hi

    Have you an email address to contact please?
    We are looking for floor preperation in Market Harborough

    Kind regards


  3. Hi
    I’m going to be getting concrete floors in my bungalow and underfloor heating. Am I able to polish the screed on top? If so does the screed have to be a specific mix?

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Unforunately you can’t polish a standard sand:cement screed or an anhydrite screed, so you would either need to have a full concrete slab installed, or have a strong sand:cement screed laid and then a further micro topping such as CARRcrete PROtop or PROtop Loft

      If you should need any further assistance, please give us a call 🙂

  4. Greetings
    I am currently in the process of finishing a lean-to extension and the floor is at present covered in industrial foundation concrete.
    I would like a quotation for a polished concreted floor measuring 50 sgm which will become our future kitchen and sitting area. Also how long will take to do the job.
    I am based in south Manchester.

  5. hi with cream fin do you have to put a coat of cream seal or can I just take 2 mm of conc still have slurry on top no rocks showing and then clear seal and once u polish conc flat do I just roll cream seal and how many coats and let dry then clear seal or laquare

    1. Hi Michael,

      You would need either a heavily powerfloated concrete floor installed or an overlay applied over an existing floor using something like either our PROtop or PROtop Loft product.

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