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CARRcrete grinds and polishes concrete floors of all sizes utilising our own InfinityFloor polishing concept which we believe (and can prove) to be the highest quality standard for polished concrete floors in the country. We cater for all sizes of projects from small residential floors such as kitchens, conservatories through to commercial properties and industrial floors; we offer a complete concrete floor polishing service.

We also offer a complete microcement, microscreed and concrete overlay service for existing floors using our own line of cementitious products called PROtop, we have designed and manufacture in the UK.

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Polished concrete floors are a unique, durable and robust non-slip flooring medium. Concrete offers a greater degree of customisation and individuality over alternative surfaces.

CARRcrete are proud to boast a wealth of professional experience in transforming both new and old concrete floors through grinding, polishing and the application of concrete overlays.

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Polished Concrete Floors

The Professionals Of Polished Concrete Flooring

We are the only polished concrete company in the UK which designs and produces their our own machinery, diamond tooling, screeds, grouts and concrete overlay products. Our dedication to achieving the highest levels finish far outstrip our rivals.

CARRcrete produce in the UK the worlds most ECO friendly and technologically advanced concrete screed and overlay products. Our products help you achieve the look you desire, save your money on heating costs and save the enviroment.

Polished concrete floors by CARRcrete are cost effective

Our work is still very cost effective, costs no more than any other premium flooring solution and we will happily match any genuine like for like quotation.

The Choice Of Designers And Architects

Our polished concrete floors have featured on Grand Designs, Jamie’s Italian, luxury residential properties, aerospace factories and trade warehouses. We literally transform concrete floors with our knowledge and expertise.

We are the choice of architects, interior designers and television programmes.

The people who love polished concrete flooring; they come to us.

Try Our Polished Concrete Consultancy Service

We also offer a consultancy service specifically tailored around polished concrete, so if you have a problems with your polished concrete floor we can offer you an onsite survey, technical report and remedial works if required.

We have a lot of experience redoing the work of our competition with around 20% of diary currently dedicated to this task. We bring to the table: greater skill and experience, higher quality tools, the worlds best concrete repair and overlay products designed and produced in the UK.

Areas Covered For Polished Concrete By CARRcrete

We cover the whole of the UK and have worked extensively in Europe, taking our advanced diamond polishing systems to thousands of squares of concrete each year.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your concrete floor.